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Missing Dog


Hello everyone I was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind passing this around. I am not located in Mississippi but in Illinois but I still figure helping to pass this along will help. I have a friend who lost her dog a few days back and has had no luck finding him. If you could all please share…

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Carrie is a sweet 3 year old Doberman up for adoption through Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus. The vet clinic I work at works very closely with this rescue group. Carrie is quickly becoming a staff favorite with her sweet personality and we would all love to see her find her forever home! Carrie adores attention and is always glued to someones side. She isn’t too fond of being alone from what we have seen at the clinic. For more information please visit

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Missing Dog

Hello everyone I was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind passing this around. I am not located in Mississippi but in Illinois but I still figure helping to pass this along will help. I have a friend who lost her dog a few days back and has had no luck finding him. If you could all please share this post in hopes of helping her dog back.

Here is her ad

 Dante is a neutered male German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. He’s tri-colored. His right eye is blue and his left is brown. His right ear is flopped and left is up. He’s approximately 60lbs.He’s very people friendly and doesn’t like to be left alone.
Dante was last seen at his home in Wiggins, Mississippi. He should have his green/blue plaid collar on with his rabies tag (the number on it is 3841).
If found, please call/text 228-224-9117. 

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Do you want a tiny or healthy dog?

You might all have heard about teacups and thought, well if this isn’t the cutest thing! 
… Well, no, what goes on behind the curtains most certainly is not cute. What goes on inside of their tiny bodies is not cute. These dogs sure do have a dark story.

You see, there is no such thing as a “reputable teacup breeder”. Why you might ask, well, teacup is not a recognised size of dog or a breed of its own. You might go on a teacup breeders website and see “FCI teacup puppies for sale!” … it’s a lie. FCI, or any other kennel clubs, do most certainly not promote or register this size of dog. This isn’t even a breed. Got my point now?

Well, now let’s move to the breeding of them. Their problem starts before they are born. Before a litter is planned, the breeder finds two, cute undersized dogs (preferably under four pounds). Too often, the parents are closely related. That only increases the risk of series of genetic issues. Then, the mating begins…
Most females are bred on the ninth to fifteen day of their heat cycles. Eggs can be fertilized for up to 72 hours any of these breeding. Because of that… you puppies can be conceived a week after the first ones. When the puppies that were first conceived are fully matured and ready to be born, the younger ones  obviously come too, week premature (that’s a lot for a dog). Often the older puppies are put down or worse, killed, so the premature ones are the only one who get to live.
But it’s not even guaranteed if the puppies or female will live… The female’s body is so small it causes many complications, especially if the female is carrying more than two puppies. Often the puppies survives… but the mother doesn’t. 

Now, the puppies are born. There, their tough life begins. 
Many teacup puppies are starved so they don’t grow. That does explain how tiny and fragile they look. Breeders might also use other ways to stop the growing, in example, by using no fat, protein, rices… only food with no nutrition. Puppies are also often sold at three or four weeks, but the breeders claim their older. That can cause a lot of emotional problems.

Now, move on to the health problems.

The most common one is hypoglycemla, which means they have too low blood sugar level. It can cause several seizures and death very quickly. Because of this problems, teacups need to be fed few times a day. This can also cause digestive problems. 

Then. the other really common problem, hydrocephalus. That means they have water on their brain. It causes too much pressure on the brain. Symptoms are painful, but they include; Vomiting, seizures, intense headache, and trouble walking. It also causes mental disability and tunnel vision… and it may cause death. 
Other common health problems are live shunts, serious heart problems and respiratory problems. 

Teacups cannot regulate their body temperament, so they get easily cold and teacups dying due to cold is not unheard of.

Then of course, their tiny body is very fragile. Their bone structure is very poorly built.

They do get hurt easily, and if you accidentally step on your teacup… it might get severely hurt, or even worse. They can break bones if the jump off the couch, or if they try to jump on the couch. If you have kids, they might want to pick them up and who knows how that will end. Larger dogs can also play rough and harm them. Everything can hurt them and they need to be monitored. 

Then of course, it’s a fraud. There is no such thing as a registered teacup, or AKC teacup or whatever. In fact, there are no such thing as a teacup- they’re not a breed on their own, and people are fighting against them.

Cuteness can kill too easily. 

Sooo many typos and I can’t fix it on phone, never expected this to get notes but this is important.

I don’t know if I’d say it’s common practice for breeders to knock off a puppy for being too big but even without the doom and gloom I don’t think a dog that small should be bred. Small dogs are often longer lived than large ones but there’s a limit to that shit. A two pound dog shouldn’t be getting pregnant. I’m trying to imagine how it’d even work and all I can think of is the poor bitch rupturing and the baby popping out like a creature from the movie Alien.

It’s true that some ‘teacups’ are born to average sized parents, but even then, a good breeder shouldn’t be calling these puppies ‘teacups” and charging jacked up prices for them. Call them what they are, either runts or preemies.

The biggest thing about these specific dogs in the photos that worries me is that they have very, very small orbit bones. Their eyes are in for a world of hurt. I’d be surprised if they went through their life without being blinded. They have no protection at all from anything and are barely held in place.

All you’d have to do is just squeeze those poor things a little too hard and their eyes would pop out. They already look like they’re about to. Heard stories of flat faced bulgy eyed dogs(like pugs) having this happen to them.. Like getting pulled by their collar and having a trip to the vet for injured eyes.

Here’s a page with horror stories relating to why these dogs should not be bred.

I cringe everytime I meet someone with one of these dogs. 

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See that adorable little fluff ball? His name was Gizmo, he was one of the happiest little pup pups that I have ever seen. He loved his family and every minute he cold spend with my mom.

One day, we gave him a busy bone as a treat. A few hours after eating it, he starting acting really odd. He wasn’t acting odd and barely reacted to anything. 

We didn’t really think anything of it because he was a pretty odd little pup and we thought he just he had to poop or something. So we went to bed and everything like normal.

The next day, he was even worse. He didn’t move at all, and threw up everything he tried to eat or drink. My mom called the vet and they said to just let it go for the night because he was probably just a little ill. 

Gizmo just kept getting worse and worse. He could barely life his head and laid around all day long. Finally, my mom brought him into the vet and she told them about what was going on and they decided to do an X-Ray on him.

After the results came in, they noticed a large blockage in Giz’s intestines. They called my mom so she could bring him in for emergency surgery. 

After surgery, the vet came out with a sample of what was blocking his intestines. As soon as my mom saw it, she knew exactly what it was. 

Busy Bone.

They said they extracted as much as they could, but it was hard because he was only about 10 pounds and surgery is hard on little dogs. We picked him up from the vet a few hours later so he could have a chance to wake up. When we picked him up, he was still under the anesthesia and not very responsive. We still brought him home because it was either that or leave him at the vet overnight alone.

When we got home, all of my other animals got next to the kennel to see what was wrong. 

They knew.

About an hour after getting home, Gizmo passed away at only 4 years old.

I then wrote a very angry letter to Purina (the owners of Busy Bone) telling them what happened. I heard back the next day, and we started our claim. 

They talked to Gizmo’s vet who told them is was definitely the Busy Bone that had caused his death. Purina paid us for the cost of the surgery just to shut us up and left us. 

I am telling you this story as a warning, I know that Busy Bones are a popular treat to give dogs, but I am begging you

Please do not feed your dogs Busy Bones. 

Gizmo’s life couldn’t be saved, but your dog still has a chance.

First, treats like these are worthless crap and shame on companies like Purina who claim to love dogs so much for even making them.

Second, these types of treats are pure junk food and can easily cause damage to the unsuspecting pet parent.

I’m so sad for Gizmo and his family.
These and any other treats such as rawhides, greenies, and other super chewy type foods are very bad and dangerous to feed to your dog.
Be careful!

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